Monday, February 13, 2012

One World Scholarship Program for Developing Countries at Austrian Universities

Deadline : May 31st 2012
Study in: Austria
Course starts: September 2012

Major :
Afro Asiatisches Institut
BS/MS/Phd Degree

Brief Description
The One World Scholarship are directed to students from developing countries who wants to study at Austrian Universities and is meant to contribute to the peaceful coexistence of people from different countries of origin by enhancing equal opportunities, dialogue, intercultural know how and parthership.

Host Institution
Selected Programmes

Target group
The one world scholarship programme is directed at student from Asia, Africa, and Latin America who are interestedin development policy and who have come to Austria on their own intiativies, in order to complete their education

Application instructions:
Students can apply for the scholarship by submitting the application form found at the official website. The deadline for scholarship applications is between the middle of March till the end of May each year

Official scholarship website:

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